Best Energy Drinks for Moms to be

Women requires proper amount of fluid along with nutrients during pregnancy. Here are the list of simple home made energy drinks that you can consume during pregnancy.

Lemon juice is rich in Vitamin C which helps to deal with morning sickness and blood pressure. Squeeze one half of lemon in a glass of water and add some salt. For better relief also add ginger and mint.
Coconut water
Coconut water is a natural isotonic drink. It is an excellent source of  electrolytes, potassium, chloride, and magnesium.  Moreover, It carries calcium, dietary fibre, manganese, riboflavin, and vitamin C. It helps in lowering blood pressure and prevents dehydration and restores the salts in the body.
Buttermilk is rich in Calcium and which is natural coolant. Buttermilk consists of probiotic bacteria which helps in maintain a healthy digestive system. Also helps in get rid of gastric problems is something very common during pregnancy.
Fresh Fruit Juices
Fresh fruit juices are rich in vitamin C, potassium, immune-boosting antioxidants, and essential micronutrients like folate. They help in maintaining fluid and electrolyte balance in your body. Avoid packaged juices as they contain artificial flavors, added preservatives, and high sugar.Fresh fruit juices like pomegranate help you avoid pregnancy complications and which is rich source of minerals and nutrients.
Vegetable Juices
Fresh vegetable juice is something which helps to meet intake of nutrients during pregnancy. Also they are rich in fiber and folic acid.
Carrot juice is rich in beta-carotene that aids in developing your baby’s vision,  vegetables like spinach, broccoli, and cabbage are rich in proteins and folic acid.
Chia Fresca:
Chia seeds are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, proteins, and antioxidants. Soak some chia seeds in a glass of water for 10 minutes and add fresh lime juice for taste.
If you do not like fruits smoothies will make you interest.
Fruit smoothies are packed with protein, calcium,and fiber, which are essential to keep your body fit and active during pregnancy.You can make smoothies with fruits like bananas, chickoos, strawberries, and mangoes
Barley Water
Barley loaded with nutrients and which is highly recommended energy drink during pregnancy. Which promotes digestion, prevents constipation and eases morning sickness.
Sabudana contains a good amount of carbohydrates. It  has a kind of cooling effect on your digestive system and helps to improve your digestion, and prevents constipation

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