Top Reasons Why Your Baby Wakes at Night

Baby’s night waking or toddler’s night time waking is one of the most common issue that bring tired to the parents. Newborns and infants wake at night out of hunger. Many babies wake out of habit, because they’ve formed sleep associations. Toddlers may wake up in the middle of the night because they’ve had a nightmare.
Is it hunger? Discomfort? Something else? Why won’t your baby sleep?
Here are some very common reasons that could be causing your baby wakes at night

Hunger : If your baby is not properly fed before bed time. Newborns need to feed round the clock,which means for every 2 hours. Even older babies need one or two feedings at night. Its recommended feeding up to 12 months of the baby to avoid dehydration.

Wet/Leaky Diaper : Usually there is no way to prevent wet or leakage diapers. But keep on checking and do diaper change right before bed time may decrease the chances.
Out of Habit : Many babies wake several times a night, and even just once or twice a night, simply out of habit. This is often the most complicated reason for a waking, because parent’s get confused about what’s going on. And how do I stop the wakings? This can be difficult to resolve on your own.
Illness : If your baby is recently ill. Baby or toddler will get sick sometimes, try to provide all the comfort that you can do.
Teething : Babies can begin to teeth as early as 6 months world. For some babies teething can feel like an itch, and for others it can be very painful. But either way, it’s annoying and can keep a baby up all night. There’s no other way to hold off on helping your baby sleep well because of teething.
Developmental Milestone : When your baby is learned how to kick, crawl, roll, sit, stand, walk etc and they now want to do it all the time. You can’t stop a baby from exploring her new skills.
Vaccination : During vaccination fever lasts longer than 48 hours after receiving a shot. Any unusual reaction occurs. Due to this discomfort baby might not sleep over night.
Light/Noise : If there is an intrusive light that effects your baby’s sleep and if there is any sudden noise that also disturb the sleep wake up cycle.
Digestive Issues : Gas and reflux can be very painful for a baby, and will obviously disrupt sleep. Food allergies may be to blame; if that’s the case, try a change in diet. For more help with digestive problems, see your baby’s healthcare provider.
Temperature : Your baby will obviously be uncomfortable if she’s too cold or hot.  It’s best to keep your baby’s room at an optimum temperature for sleep

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